What Are Your Next Steps?

Our mission is that we exist to make and grow followers of Jesus who

Love   Connect   Serve

We feel that this is a natural progression in growing as followers of Jesus. 

                                       LOVE: Join us for our weekly worship

                                       CONNECT: Join a Connect Group

                                       SERVE: Serve on a Ministry Team

Catch The Vision Classes

We highly encourage any member or anyone new to Homewood to attend our 4-week "Catch The Vision" class beginning on

April 2nd and going through April 30th. 

(There will be no class on Easter Sunday) 

This is a great way for you to learn more about our church and how you can get plugged in!

For questions please contact Brandon Mundie.  

Membership Form

If you would like to place membership at Homewood Church of Christ

CLICK HERE to fill out at membership form.