COVID-19 Response

Last Updated Friday, May 29, 2020

The Lord only gives us one day at a time and only God knows what each one day will bring. Today is the day that we have been given. Even though it is indeed an unusual time for our Homewood family as well as the world, “…let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118.

Our Reentry Team continues to work through a multiple stage approach presented last week by following the guidelines and restrictions of federal, state, and local government agencies in pursuit of the best health possible within our community. While we are eager to be together again as a family, we want to be prudent in how we return to our communal life. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


As a reminder, we are in Stage 1 (Building closed, Campus outside space open for use with restrictions). We will continue to worship via live stream and encourage you to join us there. Please email Misty Cuthbert at to reserve outside space. Connect groups are encouraged to continue finding creative ways to meet.


The plan to enter Stage 2 (Building open for limited use by small groups with restrictions) is scheduled for no sooner than June 14, 2020.


Guidelines for Stage 2 are as follows:


1. Maintain social distancing in seating arrangements for each room, limit contact, consider wearing facemasks, limit touching of surfaces, clean hands frequently.


2. The following rooms will be available for small group use: Chapel, Room 113, Tri-room, Gym, Student area, Fireside room.


3. MUST reserve each room with Misty Cuthbert

( to be added to the calendar, preventing too many groups being in building at one time.


4. Specific entrances/exits will be designated for each room location. Each group is asked to remain in its designated room and not “roam the building” or visit other rooms.


5. Proper sanitation will occur each week. Users of the room will be asked to clean/wipe down tables, chairs, door handles, and any other touch points before and after use with cleaning supplies provided by Homewood.


6. Kitchens are not available for use and we are asking that no food be brought into the building.


7. Limit number of people in restrooms at one time.


8. No water fountain use. 


9. Gathering times will be limited. 


10. No tech arts equipment provided (tv carts, etc.) by the church during this time.


A staged approach is being taken toward a return to normalcy. Listed here are the stages.


Homewood’s Reentry Plan


Stage 1 - Building closed with current streaming worship continuing, Campus outside space open for use with restrictions


Stage 2 - Building open for limited use by small groups with restrictions


Stage 3 - Building open for regular use, common worship with restrictions and no classes


Stage 4 - Building open for regular use, common worship with adult classes with restrictions and  no children’s classes


Stage 5 - Building open for regular use, common worship with adult and children’s classes with restrictions

Stage 6 - Building open for regular use, common worship with adult and children’s classes without restrictions


Currently we are in Stage 1. The guidelines for this stage are immediately in effect. They are listed below.


Stage 1 - Building closed, Campus outside space open for use with restrictions


Guidelines for Homewood church family:


1. Continue with current streaming worship


2. Connect Groups encouraged to continue meeting via online methods


3. If a group would like to meet in person

  • Encouraged to do so safely
  • Observing physical distancing
  • Limiting contact
  • Wash/sanitize hands
  • Wear masks if/when appropriate


Guidelines for use of outside space:


1. Follow the gathering number guidelines of the state, CDC, White House, etc. Continue to maintain social distancing in seating arrangements (no more than 50 people at least 6 ft.       apart).


2. Follow city of Birmingham ordinance regarding facemasks, effective Friday, May 1, 2020:

  • Must be worn when encountering and interacting with groups of other people in a park or other public place - for ordinance details visit;
  • Face covering is required
  • Must cover the nose and mouth
  • To be worn at all times by people over the age of two and can medically tolerate
  • In all public places within the City of Birmingham
  • Types of coverings
  • Medical grade masks are not required
  • Scarves or bandanas
  • Made at home cloth face coverings


3. Building will remain locked

  • No access to restrooms or kitchens
  • No chairs, tables or utensils will be available from the church building


4. Playground is closed


5. All chairs, tables, utensils, hand sanitizer or other cleaners, etc. must be brought


6. Outside space

  • Must be reserved in advance
  • Email Misty Cuthbert at to reserve
  • Organizers, leaders and participants must agree to follow safety protocols and procedures
  • Courtyard and lower field are available for use
  • Playground is closed until further notice


How To Stay Connected

We are doing our best to stay connected and reach our church family during this time. We will update information when we know more. 

  • We Are Here To Help

    If you have a need that you think our church or church family can help you with please let us know. We want to be available and serve our community and members the most we can at this time. 

    For Help or Assistance Please Contact the Office at (205)942-5683

  • Stay Connected On Sunday Mornings& Wednesday Nights

    We will continue to share our Sunday morning service through our livestream technology at 9:30am. Our Wednesday evening Bible Study will take place at 6:30pm on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live. Here are the ways you can connect. 

    Facebook Live: If this is an option for you, please choose to watch our service on Facebook. It is a better quality and it allows you to comment and stay more connected. 


    Livestream: CLICK HERE

    YouTube Live: CLICK HERE

  • Our Social Media Pages Are A Great Way To Stay Connected

    To find up to date announcements, and to stay connected follow us on our social media platforms. We will do our best to create content to uplift, encourage, and to find ways for our church family to stay connected during this time. 






    Youtube: Homewood Church of Christ

  • Online Giving

    Now more than ever is a great time to set up your online giving account. You can also mail in your giving as well. 


  • Free Online Bible Study Resources

    Rightnow Media is a great way to continue your daily Bible Study. It's like the "Netflix of Video Bible Studies" and has a HUGE library of faith-based videos that you can access whenever and wherever you want-on your phone, iPad, computer, or at home on your TV.


  • Jonesboro Elementary & Onsite Food Pantry Information

    We are still planning to support and host our local food pantries. The Jonesboro Elementary food pantry in Bessemer and our onsite pantry will be drive through only starting immediately. 

    Jonesboro Elementary: Saturday, June 20 / 10:30am

    On-site Food Pantry: Wednesday, June 17 / 10am -noon

  • Stay Connected With Our Church Members

    If you have not signed up for our online directory you are in the right place. This is a great resource to reach out to our members and sty connected.