What is the Accelerate Movement?

The Accelerate Movement is an exciting effort to ignite the ministries and mission of the Homewood Church of Christ by eliminating the remaining balance of our debt. The first $100,000 that we receive will go directly to support our various ministries as we strive to live out our mission to make and grow followers of Jesus Christ who LOVE, CONNECT AND SERVE. Each additional dollar that is received will go to pay off our remaining debt. Once our debt is eliminated, 100% of any remaining funds will go into a capital reserve for future campus improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the goal/purpose of Accelerate?

A: The goal is three-fold.  First and foremost we want to accelerate our local and foreign ministry efforts. Second we want to become financially independent, eliminating our debt and freeing additional funds for further ministry.  Third we want to establish an appropriate capital reserve to address necessary campus improvements and ensure the long term financial success of our church.

Q: What ministries will this support?

A: The first $100,000 raised will directly support the Outreach Ministry of the Homewood Church of Christ. 50% will go towards Local Outreach and 50% will go towards Global Missions.

Q: Why is there a need for a capital reserve?

A: A capital reserve is needed to maintain our facilities and avoid future debt.  Our campus, grounds and physical structures require continuous maintenance and many of these costs can be significant.  A third party assessment of our property has been completed to determine an appropriate capital reserve.

Q: What does paying off our debt have to do with our mission to make and grow followers of Jesus Christ who Love, Connect & Serve.

A: Allocating a significant portion of our monthly budget to debt service limits our local and global mission efforts.  By freeing these funds we can accelerate these ministry efforts with our mission at the forefront.

Q: Will I be expected to give?

A: While we are praying that everyone at Homewood will participate, your participation is completely voluntary.  Any gift you may choose to make will be kept highly confidential.

Q: Can a contribution be pledged over time?

A: Yes, a pledge can be made at any time leading up to commitment Sunday on November 17th.  We are asking that all commitments be fulfilled by April 30, 2020.

Q; Will the church continue to accept gifts toward a prior commitment to Fuel the Vision?

A: Yes, gifts toward a Fuel the Vision commitment will be accepted and applied toward the Accelerate movement.

Q: Can we make a gift online?

A: Yes both one-time and recurring gifts can be made online at homewoodchurch.org Please be sure to select the Accelerate option.