Grace Marriage

Homewood is dedicated to strengthening healthy, God-filled relationships. We know that through our relationships we have avenues to not only draw closer to God, but also to be salt and light to each other and the world. We are excited to integrate the Grace Marriage ministry into our larger Faith@Home ministry as a new resource for uplifting marriages at Homewood and in our community. The leadership at Homewood invite you to include Grace Marriage in your yearly plans for you and your spouse now and for years to come.



How It Works

4 Hours Every 90 Days

Couples invest time, resources and creativity into their own marriage. Groups of 10-12 couples meet for 4 hours every 90 days to be engaged by Biblical concepts and look at the big picture. Much of the day is spent one-on-one with your spouse to reflect on your relationship, create action steps, and implement strategies to protect and promote life in your marriage.  Groups stay together quarter-after-quarter, year-after-year. 

Group Dynamics

Quarterly sessions are a time for couples to connect individually. The group dynamics allow for community and collective insight from marriage couples in every stage of life. Though there is no forced sharing, transparency tends to form after couples have experienced depth of relationship. 


Why Grace Marriage

Marriage is worthy of great investment. Marriage is analogized to the relationship between Christ and the Church and should be life-giving and full of grace. At Homewood, we want your marriages to be strong and vibrant. Because it's those marriages that will draw your children to solid marriages. It's those marriages that will draw people to Jesus. And we want Jesus to overflow into the world now and for generations to come through your marriage. 


2021 Calendar

Session 1: Saturday, January 30

Session 2: Saturday, April 10

Session 3: Saturday, August 21

Session 4: Saturday, November 6


Registration & Cost

$125 per couple registration fee includes materials, lunch and snacks for the  August and November sessions. Deadline to register is August 7, 2021

There will be no childcare provided at the sessions.
** Scholarships and/or payment plans are available if needed. Contact the church office for information. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Who can attend? 
Any couple may attend. A couple does not have to be a member of our church to participate. 

Who will we be with? 
You will be in a group with a spouse as well as other couples who want their marriage to grow. Ten couples, plus a trained facilitator couple, will walk through the day's material together. Spouses will have personal time together throughout the day to privately discuss the topics addressed. Groups will have mixed ages. Newly marrieds as well as couples who have been married for decades will be involved. Remember, Grace Marriage is about spending time with your spouse, not about being with close friends. Although you will get to know others in your group better, the purpose is to spend time with your husband/wife and focus on your marriage. 

What about childcare? 
Grace Marriage coaching sessions last 4 hours. That is a long time for children to be at the church building, even if they have activities. We believe that most children will be happier in their own home or with family/friends they know. We also want to give couples freedom to focus on each other without feeling the need to check on the kids if they are just down the hallway. For these reasons childcare will not be offered. Consider the coaching days as an extended date time for just the two of you. 

How do we pay? 
You may pay on the church website with the link above or by check to the church office. A non-refundable fee of $250 issue upon signing up, and the balance is due by the first session on January 30th. Scholarships and/or payment plans are available if needed. Please contact the church office for more info. 

Is there a deadline? 
Yes. Participants must be registered by Sunday January 17. We are expecting our groups to be full. Don't hesitate - go and sign up today.