2019 Senior Sunday


Sunday, April 28th

*Sunday morning we will invite all seniors on stage to receive a gift Bible and to be surrounded by our Shepherds for a prayer. 

* Sunday evening at 5:30pm. We will have a banquet in the student area at church. Family members are welcomed to join us, just make sure you tell us how many are joining your party when you fill out the Senior Bio Form. 

Important Dates

March 31st - We need a framed picture to place on our tables in the foyer of church. 

April 7th - When we need to know if you are participating in our Senior Sunday Service and Banquet. 

April 14th - We need 20 pictures of the Senior from birth to senior year. Please include a "formal" senior picture if you have one. 

April 14 - We need the Senior Bio form filled out. You can CLICK HERE TO GET THE FORM.

Parent Letter To Your Senior

During the banquet we will have a time for the parents to show their love for their senior by reading them a letter. We are asking the families to write a one page letter (no more than 400 words.) This is a joint letter form the parents. During the banquet we will ask one or both of the parents to read the letter out loud to the senior. (The letter can include stories, Bible verses, prayer, or anything you want to include to show your love.)